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    We all aspire to become dentists, but after graduation our paths will diverge in many directions. My dream is to establish a volunteer dental clinic in the Philippines. As a junior in high school, my family went on a dental mission trip to Manila, Philippines. We brought instruments, a lawn chair, flashlights, and did screenings on children within the basement of a church. This eye-opening experience solidified my commitment to pursue dentistry. Since then I’ve had a desire to return to the Philippines on my own dental mission.

    In my second year of dental school, I had the privilege to participate in a Jamaican mission trip through the Christian Dental Society, lead by Drs. Jim Carney from Illinois and Bill Griffin from Virginia. I was inspired not only by the number of lives we touched, but also how established the dental clinic was. The Helping Hands Dental Clinic in the parish of St. Elizabeth in Hopewell, Jamaica is equipped with eight fully functional dental chairs, five additional portable chairs, an air compressor, vacuum pump and just recently a digital radiograph system.

    Dr. Jim Carney, Dr. Sue Carney and their daughters

    Establishing a dental clinic is no easy feat. Dr. Carney went on his first Jamaican mission trip with the Christian Dental Society in 1994. While he was there, he spoke to a nurse and found a location for a permanent clinic within the local health center. Dr. Carney then acquired equipment from his wife Dr. Sue Carney’s work: ten dental chairs, five sterilizers, doctor and assistant stools, cabinets and hand instruments.

    Dr. Carney funds all his missions out of pocket. “Some ask how I can afford to do all of this and I say I can’t afford not to,” said Dr. Carney. The Christian Dental Society offers rental dental equipment at a fee, but all other expenses such as supplies, airfare and lodging are covered by volunteers like Dr. Carney.

    Connecting with local Jamaicans was key to establishing and sustaining these clinics. After the first clinic, other local nurses and pastors contacted him to do the same in their village. While venturing the south coast to find the greatest area of need, Dr. Carney was directed to Hopewell. There he met Pastor Rowe and they created the Helping Hands Dental Clinic, the largest of all seven clinics Dr. Carney set up. Pastor Rowe and her husband take care of patient registration and clinic maintenance. “They are both tireless workers and an integral part of the team,” says Dr. Carney.

    Besides working with Jamaicans, Dr. Carney brings his family, friends, assistants and even patients on missions. He also recognizes the support of neighboring dentists in his hometown that help him by covering his emergency patients while he is away. Dr. Carney also values working with the dental student volunteers and is “energized by the youth and the enthusiasm that students bring.” Likewise, dental students value both the clinical and spiritual aspects of the mission. “They spread the word of God at the beginning of each day, which was refreshing to the spirit,” says Ashley Dawson from Howard University College of Dentistry.

    Dental students who have volunteered with Dr. Carney tend to participate in future missions, including Daryn Lu, Oklahoma ’15, 2014-15 ASDA vice president. Daryn says, “Watching the clinic and the community grow each visit is the reason why students return to the Helping Hands Clinic.”

    With the responsibilities of work and paying student debt, when is the best time to participate or establish a mission? “Go as the spirit leads,” advises Dr. Carney. “Most people think they have to wait until they retire to do this type of thing, but they’re wrong.” Dr. Carney’s inspiration along with my experience to Jamaica are valuable lessons. I am more than excited to pursue a mission of my own.

  • future trips to PalestineDatum10.05.2015 16:10
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  • future trips to PalestineDatum10.05.2015 16:08
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    Palestine Trip
    Many people in the world cannot afford or simply do not have access to dental care and as a result they will often suffer from tooth ache and infection of the moth.

    During December 2014 we are planning to travel to Palestine to provide dental treatments to children many of who are orphans. For most of the children this will be the only access they will have to dental treatments.

  • future trips to PalestineDatum10.05.2015 16:08
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    Please contact us if you would like to take part in this trip to Palestine or our future trips. We are looking for caring, motivated dentists and dental care professionals who have experience of some paediatric and general restorative dentistry.

    It is advantageous if you can also speak some Arabic. If you know any friends or colleagues that may be interested in being involved then please pass our details to them. In the meantime to register your interest please email us using the contact form (right side of the screen) and attach your CV and outline why you would like to be involved with the dental relief trip. Alternatively you can email us on

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  • dental aid networkDatum10.05.2015 16:06
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    Who We Are
    Dental decay is unfortunately a very common problem in the entire world. Even in developed countries such as the UK where there is easy access to a dentist for the majority of the population many people still suffer from dental problems. If dental decay is left untreated it will grow and eventually cause pain and possibly lead to an abscess. Dental pain can be very extreme and cause problems with eating, talking and can disturb a persons sleep. An abscess can also be extremely painful and in some instances can be fatal. Everything in your body is linked together and many times when you have a problem in your mouth it can cause problems somewhere else in your body.

    In developed countries such as the UK there is relatively easy access to dental treatment for the entire population but dental decay and infections are still a problem. In parts of the world where poverty is greater many people simply cannot afford dental treatment that is if they even have access to a dentist. Also many people are not fully aware of how to best care for their teeth and mouth and also how to best prevent problems from occurring. These factors combined means that many people that live in poverty will suffer from dental problems which can lead to chronic toothache and will interfere with their life.

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  • Dental Health in JapanDatum07.05.2015 12:23
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    In Japan, the Japan Dental Association and other private organizations have promoted dental health for many years. Activities for spreading the concept of dental hygiene have been conducted as part of educational movements and in 1928, June 4 was designated as Tooth Decay Prevention Day. While shelved during the Pacific War, these projects resumed in 1948. 1958 witnessed the institution of Dental Hygiene Week and every year since then it has been observed for one week June 4 to 10.

    Since 1955, dental health programs for mothers and their children intended to prevent tooth decay have been conducted mainly in local public health centers, and include dental health guidance for expectant and nursing mothers, babies and toddlers, and dental health examinations for 18-month-olds and three-year-olds. 1983 marked the start of dental health measures for adults and the aged.

    In 1989, a committee for studying dental health for adults took form, and in its interim report submitted in the same year, the group proposed an 80-20 movement aimed at encouraging to keep 20 or more of their own teeth until at the age of 80. 1992 saw the launching of programs to promote the 80-20 movement, with projects to support promotion of the movement initiated the following year.

    Under the senior citizen health service plan, dental hygienists provided the bedridden with oral health guidance through personal visits, with periodontal disease examinations made.

    2000 marked the introduction of special programs to further the 80-20 movement to firmly establish a system for the smooth promotion of dental health services.

  • Oral Health Crisis in America:Datum07.05.2015 12:19
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  • Oral Health Crisis in America:Datum07.05.2015 12:19
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    Mobile Dental Program Objective:
    The Mobile Dental Program provides free or low-cost urgent dental care services to low-income patients who lack dental insurance or any realistic way to pay for dental treatment.
    Oral Health Crisis in America:

    Right outside of our doors, here in the United States, families are battling the intense pain, complications, and socio-economic challenges that come with severe dental problems.

    In many areas of Oregon alone, there is a shortage of dental providers, and the number of available licensed dentists in the Pacific NW continues to decline. While in theory all Oregon children are covered by Healthy Kids insurance, there are many reasons why they may be having trouble accessing it, such as difficulty finding providers nearby that will accept it.

    A 2-3 hour drive to the closest dental provider requires parents to take off work. This means low-income kids and their parents (who are NOT usually covered by dental insurance) just don’t go.

    As untreated dental issues progress, many uninsured people with dental crises turn to emergency rooms for pain relief. Up to 30% of uninsured individuals who visit hospital emergency rooms are cases that could be treated more effectively in a dental office. Plus, ERs are not properly equipped to treat dental problems. ER treatment for dental disease is not only ineffective, but also costly for both patients and hospitals - approximately $765 per ER visit.
    Our Approach:
    Medical Teams International’s Mobile Dental program has been able to dramatically reduce ER expenses for uninsured patients with dental disease, providing effective treatment at an average $100 - $125 per patient.

    We have a fleet of twelve Mobile Dental clinics in Oregon and Washington, which visit many different partner locations. The Mobile Dental clinics are 38-foot converted motor homes. Each mobile clinic contains two dental operatories and all necessary equipment, instruments and supplies.
    Our fully-equipped vans are staffed by licensed dentists, hygienists and dental assistants who volunteer their time to provide professional dental care. In partnership, some churches also can provide ongoing hospitality care teams.

    We work through over 300 community partners, such as churches, schools, and health care companies, to arrange urgent care dental services. Urgent care dental services include procedures such as fillings and extractions. Our community partners manage all scheduling and appointments.

    We also provide preventative care. For example, MTI has provided thousands of children with an easy-to-read brochure and a kid-friendly kit of basic dental supplies as well as classroom instruction from MTI staff and volunteers.

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    Rather than heading straight to college after graduating from high school, Blake Stiles Lawson did something that changed his life forever. He delayed college for one year and enrolled in Youth With A Mission’s (YWAM) Discipleship Training School and, after, their School of Evangelism. This included being a short term missionary to Costa Rica. He then attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA where he graduated with a degree in Communications. During his college years he was a cast member of “Saved by the Bell – The New Class” on NBC.

    Blake continues to be a man on a mission – or more correctly stated - a mission that created for international travelers. In a very short time, it has become one of the most respected and valued web sites for Christian individuals and ministries in the United States. His clients are a veritable “whose who” of the nation’s best known Christian ministries, evangelical churches, and Christian mission sending organizations. The website draws from an airline’s live inventory meaning that one never has to continue to search for availability once the fare is displayed. In doing so, he has established an enviable success of his family’s 33 year old travel company and a classic example of new and innovating ideas replacing old ways of doing business.

    “There are about a dozen travel companies in the United States that have an excellent and well deserved reputation for coordinating Christian Travel,” Blake shares. “However, by the year 2005, none of them had a website that allowed their clients to check their firm’s consolidator and wholesale international fares on the internet. By creating the website we were able to offer the Christian community something they never had seen before; that is, an ability to find the lowest international fare, regardless of an airline, within seconds. Our data base searches over 60 major airlines and some 6 million international fares from an airlines live inventory. Our prices are extremely competitive and backed by a 33 year old brick and mortar agency that provides personalized service to the 30 percent that don’t care to book directly on-line. We, also, represent unpublished missionary fares that the airlines do not allow us to publicly display.”

    Blake became the youngest member, at 32, of the “Chancellor’s Council For The Future” of the University of the Nations in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Once or twice a year he meets with 36 others from across the United States to provide oversight in areas of academics, community life, staff development, communications, and resources for the worldwide ministry of YWAM’s 35,000 missionaries and students on 630 campuses in 135 nations.

    I know several people who, like me, have entered their family business and thrived in the environment,” he shared. “As the travel agency business was changing because of the airline’s no longer paying commissions and people’s desire to surf the internet, I told my parents not to fear the internet – but rather – to embrace it. As many business, we had to change with the times. It’s wonderful to have a career that so dovetails my personal convictions.”

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    Das Unternehmen richtet einen Nothilfe-Fond im Rahmen der Henry Schein Cares Stiftung ein

    Henry Schein Inc. (NASDAQ: HSIC) gibt bekannt, dass das Unternehmen Hilfsgüter im Wert von 500.000 USD spendet, um die Hilfsmaßnahmen für die Opfer des verheerenden Erdbebens in Nepal aktiv zu unterstützen. Zusätzlich hat das Unternehmen den „Henry Schein Cares Nepal Katastrophenhilfe-Fond“ im Rahmen der Henry Schein Cares Stiftung eingerichtet. Alle Spenden gehen direkt und in voller Höhe an die Hilfsorganisationen.

    Henry Schein arbeitet eng mit seinen strategischen Partner-Organisationen zusammen, dazu gehören AmeriCares, Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International und International Medical Corps, um den Bedarf an medizinischer Versorgung kontinuierlich zu überwachen und zu überprüfen. Henry Schein spendet Gesichtsmasken, eine Million Schutzhandschuhe sowie mehrere tausend Pakete mit Verbandsmaterial. Darüber hinaus wird das Unternehmen mehrere tausend Zahnbürsten und Zahnpasta spenden.

    „Henry Schein ist tief betroffen angesichts der fürchterlichen Katastrophe in Nepal. Unsere Gedanken sind bei den Familien, die Angehörige verloren haben und bei den vielen Menschen, die jetzt dringend Hilfe brauchen,“ sagt Stanley M. Bergman, Chairman of the Board und Chief Executive Officer bei Henry Schein. „Wir sind froh, dass im Rahmen unseres Katastrophenbereitschaftsplans Henry Schein gemeinsam mit unseren NGO-Partnern bereits viele Produkte im Bestand hat, die zum sofortigen Versand in das Katastrophengebiet bereit stehen.“

    Henry Schein ist Mitglied der „Partnership for Quality Medical Donations“ (PQMD), einer globalen Allianz, die führend ist, wenn es darum geht, sich für die Entwicklung und hohe Standards in der medizinischen Versorgung und bei Sachspenden einzusetzen und deren Fokus auf gut koordinierten Reaktionen bei Katastrophen liegt. Henry Scheins Unterstützung von Hilfsmaßnahmen ist Teil des Selbstverständnisses des Unternehmens, soziale Verantwortung zu übernehmen.

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    Preventive Oral Health Care Plan - 3 Page Document on POHCP, printer friendly.

  • Cap Haitien Dental Institute (CHDI)Datum03.05.2015 21:40
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    the brochure

  • Cap Haitien Dental Institute (CHDI)Datum03.05.2015 21:34
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    Cap Haitien Dental Institute Volunteer Application - Download and fill out this application to apply to volunteer. Mail this form to Cap Haitien Dental Institute, 628 Main St, Vermilion, OH 44089-1047.

    American Dental Association International Division - Find the CHDI listed through the ADA official site, and while you are there check out the additional information that is provided by the 'How to Become an International Volunteer' pamphlet.

    Basic Package of Oral Care - 57 Page Document on BPOC, printer friendly.

    Preventive Oral Health Care Plan - 3 Page Document on POHCP, printer friendly.

    IBC Travel - Travel from Ft. Lauderdale to Cap Haitien with IBC Travel. Look here for schedules and fares.

    Cap Haitien Information - General Information about Cap Haitien, Haiti, and its history.

    Department of Global Oral Health - General outline about the BPOC and all of its components reviewed.

  • International Dental Volunteer GuideDatum03.05.2015 18:55
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    shared global mission - the volunteer guide

  • International Dental Volunteer GuideDatum03.05.2015 18:53
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