DIANO Programm 2018

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I Volunteercamps 15. 01 - 30. 03

II) 20.05. - 15.06

III 15.08 - 30.09


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RE: DIANO Programm 2018

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Volonteercamps 2017 / 2018

1. Jun, 2017
upcoming camps

August, 28th to September 30th, Santiago/Dominican Republic
August, 28th to September 30th Kingston/Jamaica
27. Jun, 2017
Preliminary dates for 2018

January 2nd to to 6th or 12th 2018

February 5th to February 10th,
Manzanillo, Kuba

March 23rd to April 6th,
Terrier Rouge, Haiti

My 18th to June 2nd,
Santiago, Dominican Republic

August, 28th to September 30th, Santiago, Domincian Republic
August, 28th to September 30th Kingston/Jamaica
The mentioned dates are guidelines it is always possible to arrive earlier and to leave after to the dates and it is also not mandatory to stay for the full period of time. It is just recommended not to come for less than 10 days as diferent clima and time zone has to be considered
15. Feb, 2017
Individual Outreach Missions

Feel free to contact us for an individual mission, we will check availabilities
19. Feb, 2017
individual trips

since 2014, individual trips to Dominican Republic and Haiti are possible for one, two or more weeks. Contact us via contact form

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