“Spread the love”

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Big big thank you to Sandi Pinsonneault, who startet this mission and we are glad to share this action, just to: “Spread the love”
This is the second year In a row. I started out last year helping the flood victims in November Taking out 70 bags of food for a family of 4 (rice, beans meat, oil and chicken bullion) -including hand soap and T paper and formula and diapers for babies. At a time and continued to do so for about 1 1/2 months. Towards Christmas I decided I would try and raise some gifts and set out with a goal of 60. I received 155. I too these out Including blankets for the people that were sick. Was able to put many a smile on some sad and cold peoples faces.

The name “Spread the love” came about because of one lady. She showed me her house and I sobbed. Her shirt said “Spread the love”. Se photo attached.

This year my goal was 500. Thanks to the generosity of so many I was able to gather 615 gifts personally.

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