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Voluntary Dentistry Placements and Work-Experience Abroad

Volunteering overseas on one of our Dental placements is a fantastic way to gain practical experience in dentistry. Whether you are hoping to get into the field, a trained professional looking to gain some work experience, or somewhere in-between, you will have a role to play in one of the hospitals and clinics we work with. Each placement is tailored, where possible, both to a volunteer's level of experience and their interests.

Living in a developing country, you will witness first hand the impact of poverty on dental health. Dentists struggle to convey messages about even the very basics of oral hygiene, and this lack of education, combined with lack of financial resources, means that many patients you see will have considerably further advanced cases than you are likely to see in the western world.

Your Role: Volunteering Abroad on a Dentistry Placement

On your first day at work you will meet your supervisor with a local Totally Argentina staff member, and you will agree on a timetable of work. It is very important that you stick to your hours, or give plenty of advanced notice if you wish to change them, because from this moment on you will be part of a team. As with any other employee, your supervisor will be keen to know your skills and level of experience, and the work you find yourself doing will be strongly influenced by this.

Of course, a Totally Argentina placement is not just about work. Once you finish for the day there are always other volunteers around to meet up with, and our staff will arrange regular social events and even weekend trips for you to join in with.


All of our programs include: a welcome to our country, a week of orientation, a First Day Tour in the city, accommodations and food, the projects, professional assistance/advice with these projects, a supervisor, life insurance, communications, transportation, dance lessons, bicycles, sports, donations, and the personal help from our team in your home and project destinations. Our prices are for one, two, or three months, however it you would prefer to apply for a longer duration of time you have the option of choosing how many months you would like.

All the program includes


In regards to your project, we have included everything you will need. We include, professional advice, a supervisor, study materials, all of the materials and equipment you will need for the job, personal identification credentials for entry into the project, a "Totally Argentina" volunteers t-shirt, and finally a certificate of project completion as a member of our team.

Welcome to the country

We pick you up at the airport with our private vehicles and take you to your new home where you will be welcomed with typical foods of our country.

Orientation Week

During orientation week we will introduce the volunteer to our culture. We do this through language teaching, general interests, and culture education. The aim of this first week is to help the volunteer to achieve a sense of independence.

The orientation week includes the following themes:

Language teaching

General information and history

Geography and trips

Transport and mobility


We will house you with families carefully selected and very close to your workplace. These families are friendly and take care of our volunteers as if they were part of the same family. You will have the comfort and warmth of an Argentine family in which you will also have the opportunity to practice the language.


We ensure that your family will offer you three meals a day. Our organization will also provide you with one dinner every weekend during your stay, together with all "Totally Argentina" team volunteers in the best restaurants of Córdoba.

Back up

We rely on highly qualified professionals to advise you during your stay as part of the "Totally Argentina" team. We are in constant contact with all of our volunteers from our headquarters. You can contact our staff 24 hs. of the day. We personally take care of all the arrangements to make sure that you have no problems and feel comfortable at your job and in your house as well as to create a sense of general wellbeing.


You will be insured from the very moment you enter our country. You will receive a credential that has all of the benefits that are offered from the insurance company with which we have always used. This company offers: the best healthcare, the most highly trained professionals, it has more than 380 care centers across the country and it offers the comfort of taking any step to help.

With this insurance you will have:

Medical coverage 24hs a day.

Specialists on call 24hs.

Dental services per area on call 24hs.



Additional services for diagnosis and treatment.

Guard room service per area 24hs.

Medical Corps.


Admission for Health resort /Sanatoriums.


We will give you a mobile phone that allows you to communicate free of charge with all the staff of Totally Argentina and with all of our volunteers.

First day city tour

The day after you have arrived to the country, we have planned a tour around the city visiting the most interesting places. The city tour will be carried out by a private driver from our staff along with your project supervisor who will be giving you an introductory explanation about the city. During this tour, you will be given the opportunity to do some shopping as well as to eat in one of the cities restaurants.


Totally Argentina is equipped with private vehicles to transport our volunteers to the different work places which offers for better organization and comfort. We are in charge of your security and for this reason we will also supply a private vehicle for all of our weekend trips as well.


As one of our aims is to help people in need, one day of each month, "Totally Argentina" grants donations, in the name of all of our volunteers, to all of the institutions in which we work. We collaborate with rural schools of Córdoba, community canteens, orphanages and hospitals. Donations are classified, arranged, and delivered according to particular necessities. The volunteers at each corresponding place take in all of the donations.

Dance lessons

Dance lessons including; "Folklore", "salsa", or "tango" are free of charge for Totally Argentina Team volunteers. The classes are held once a week in different parts of the city. You will have the opportunity to make friends and enjoy extremely fun dance classes.


A bicycle will be available for every volunteer.


Our volunteers will have the chance to do any of these sports for free: football, basketball, golf, rugby, tennis, swimming and hockey.

Intern Types

Admin (Health Services)

Health Sciences


Occupational, Envir. Health




Cost in US$:

please go to our website for prices. mail:

Cost Includes:



In-country orientation/Training

In-country staff support

Medical insurance

Written materials abroad

Written materials pre-departure

Movil phone



Experience Required


Volunteer Types (Health Corps)


Health Care




Typical Volunteer

Open-minded with a desire to travel.

Age Range


This Program is open to

Worldwide Participants. This Program is also open to Couples and Individuals.

Typical Living Arrangements


Participants Travel


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