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We at Volunteer for health, provide you opportunities to participate in high impact programmes in India. These programmes change the lives of many people by providing them access to high Quality Healthcare.

India is a country with rich cultural diversities and we are sure that your volunteering experience with us will be a cultural and emotional experience, which you can cherish lifelong. Living in India for a short time would enlighten you on the complexities of Indian tradition and living.

Those who want to discover something new in life or want to share his or her experience can volunteer with us. We welcome you to join our mission to change lives. All our programmes are held in partner hospitals, which have dedicated staff to take care of the volunteers and organise the programme.

We would help you rite from your first step and guide you through the process.

The safety of volunteers is given utmost importance in our programmes.

Come and Be a Part of the Experience. You can make a Difference!!
* You will gain experience of living in a Developing Country such as India.
* You will have the satisfaction of being able to help a lot of deserving people.
* You will be able to make future Medical Career choices.
* Learn about Healthcare delivery systems in India.
* Pursue research Opportunities in Healthcare in India.

All our programmes focus on providing a rich cultural and emotional experience for the volunteers.

* General Medical Volunteering Programme:
Volunteers can spend 1-4 weeks in our Hospitals, in various departments such as OPD, IP, Casualty, Operating Rooms and also assist in our Community Outreach programme. This is a Comprehensive programme which would give insight into all aspects of Medical Care to the Volunteers.
* Speciality Volunteering Programme:
Volunteers can spend 1-4 weeks in a speciality of their interest. Opportunities exist in various departments such as Ophthalmology, OB & Gyn, General Surgery, Casualty, Emergency Room, Dental etc. This programme is recommended for students who wish to spend more time and learn in one particular department.

* Programmes conducted in our own Hospitals or partner Hospitals.
* Each of these centers has a Community Outreach wing.
* Dedicated programme coordinators who will support volunteers.
* Assistance in Travel arrangements and Accomodation arrangements.
* Volunteers will receive a certificate at the end of the Programme.

Volunteer for Health is committed to bridge the Gap in Healthcare Delivery between the Rich and Poor and to bring about Change in lives of people by giving them access to High Quality Healthcare.

Programme: Volunteer For Health programmes are designed in such a way that the impact reaches everyone. These programmes are held in Hospitals which serve the lower middle class and poor people. These programmes are managed by a expert team which operates locally.

The programme dates are flexible and structured according to the needs of the volunteers. Volunteers will be asked to work in our hospitals in various departments for a specified time and will have free access to all kinds of treatment procedures. In addition volunteers will be participating in community outreach camps held in locations surrounding the hospitals and in some cases, even locations which would take hours to reach from the Hospital.

The Goals of the programme are

* To provide the volunteers with a rich cultural and emotional experience of living in a developing country.
* To help volunteers make career choices in Medicine.
* To help out people who cannot afford treatment in Private Hospitals.
* To impact changes in the lives of people by providing them access to Good Healthcare.



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