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voluntary work is our new focus with the motive to activate students in world health issues and encourage them to be a helping hand. There are literally billions of people who have absolutely no access to dental care. Most are simply resigned to suffering. By providing free dental care to the less privileged around the world, EDSA students are happy to serve the humanity.

The goal of EDSA by initiating this project is to increase the knowledge and awareness of volunteer work amongst students and help them understand the relevance of ideal work in their future profession. Students are very seldom exposed to areas that can help them understand and relate to humans in need of help outside the school environment.

This is our way to introduce a new subject in their curriculum and plant a seed in their way of behaving and thinking that will lead the way to a more mature and professional approach towards their patients.

Our project is based on one main platform with five connecting areas that completes the purpose and structure of this platform. We want this platform to be an information source regarding volunteer work for European dental students and also young graduated dentist with a keen interest in ideal work.

To ensure that the project will continue, EDSA has created a volunteer work group as a functional group who deals with development and improvement of the project by providing information, getting feedback and also input from other students through our workshops during our two annual meetings. For more information please contact us at info@edsaweb.org.

In summer 2012, EDSA members wil for the first time have opportunity to participate in the Volunteer Work program in Ladakh, India. To learn more, read more at http://www.edsaweb.org/projects/ladakh-2...iversity-2.html

EDSA would be very happy to receive your donations of dental equipments, instruments and materials. If you wish to help EDSA bringing smiles to the faces of people in the developing world , please do not hesitate to contact us at info@edsaweb.org.


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