Bezahlte Jobs in Spanien, Italien und Portugal

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Praktika in Südeuropa
In Südeuropa leben und arbeiten
Paid Jobs in Spain, Italy and Portugal

Hotel & Country Houses Educational Training Programme.
The programme lasts from 2 to 6 months. Participants improve their linguistic and communicative skills and deepen their knowledge about working in Spain, Italy and Portugal. It is designed for any participant.The programme can also be combined with an intensive language course (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese), but students with a good level of these languages may join it without taking a course. In some Hotels or Country Houses knowledge of English or German is required. Participants are accommodated during the course in shared accommodation in the city centre.

TYPE OF HOTELS: 3 to 5 stars Hotels & Country Houses. In Italy also aquatic parks, restaurants, bars, pubs and camping sites. In Portugal restaurants and camping sites are available too.

WORK LOCATION: (Spain) Mallorca, Marbella, Barcelona, Canary Islands, (Italy) Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca, Coast of Salento, (Portugal) Algarve, Madeira, Lisboa .

TYPE OF WORK: different positions and general duties. Reception only for experienced applicants with an excellent knowledge of the above mentioned languages.

DURATION: depending on the placement. Some positions are available all year round, others only from April to October. Minimum stay 4 weeks, maximum 6 months.
STARTING DATES: min. 2 months notice

REMUNERATION: aprox. up to 400 € per month, board and accommodation included.

ACCOMMODATION: in a room (normally shared) in the Hotel or Country House with full board there (unless other conditions are agreed).

INSURANCE: Participants need to bring the EUROPEAN HEALTH INSURANCE CARD (E-111 or E-128) and a Civil Responsibility Insurance (which may be paid upon registering to PUROMUNDO).

OTHER DOCUMENTS: For hotels in Italy it could be necessary to have a “Food Hygiene Certificate”. Participants can apply for it when they arrive in Italy.

Fees include: Tuition (if requested), Accommodation (if need during language course), Hotel Placement, Certificate, Civil Responsibility Insurance, and more … We create programmes upon request!

REQUIREMENTS: Applicants should be between 18 and 35 years old. Previous experience is not necessary but helpful for the selection and the type of the placement. EU citizen, motivated, healthy, independent, open minded, flexible within working hours etc.

Costs: From 590 € – 2 to 6 months

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RE: Bezahlte Jobs in Spanien, Italien und Portugal

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