International Medical Corps by The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

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The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund awarded a grant to International Medical Corps to establish an Emergency Medical Care Development (EMCD) program at the Hôpital de l’Université d’Etat d’Haiti (HUEH).

IMC’s Emergency Medical Care Development (EMCD) program is a tested package of interventions designed to build and strengthen emergency trauma and medical care in low and middle-income settings. The EMCD program aims to improve country wide or regional level emergency medical care, and elevate it to international standards via a tested combination of technical assistance, training, and capacity building.

Specifically, funds will be used to:

* Develop an Emergency Medical Care Working Group (EMCWG).
* Establish an Emergency Medicine Center of Excellence at HUEH.
* Provide training courses in emergency medical care at HUEH that meet international standards.
* Improve HUEH's capacity for emergency response to disaster events.
* Strengthen Health Information Systems (HIS) for injury surveillance and emergency medicine at HUEH.

The National Center of Excellence would train Haitian nationals to provide up-to-date emergency medical care and provide a sustainable core of practitioners to support emergency care into the future. The direct beneficiaries from training will be a minimum of 50 physicians and 100 nurses from HUEH and surrounding hospitals. These health care workers would gain the skills and knowledge to provide quality services to patients in critical condition, including a large percentage of the estimated 100,000 HUEH patients visiting the ER on an annual basis.
Why We Invested in the International Medical Corps

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund's grant to International Medical Corps reflects our commitment to job creation and training, to building Haiti's institutional capacity, and to filling critical near-term gaps that pave the way for longer-term reconstruction.
Transforming Lives and Livelihoods

IMC’s EMCD program is expected to improve the quality of emergency care for Haitians, while developing Haiti’s health care workforce and institutional capacity. The program will:

* Provide training in emergency medical care for 50 Haitian doctors and 100 Haitian nurses.
* Improve the quality of care provided to over 100,000 Haitians who require HUEH’s emergency care services every year.
* Build Haitian capacity for emergency medicine, which is critical to respond to future disasters and prevent widespread disabilities from every-day accidents.

About IMC

International Medical Corps is a global humanitarian, non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through humanitarian assistance and development programs. In Haiti, IMC deployed its Emergency Response Team to Port au-Prince within 22 hours of the earthquake. With support from donors, including CBHF, IMC provided medical care to more than 73,000 Haitians through 16 mobile clinics and the 700-bed HUEH. By request of hospital administrators, IMC also became the lead agency coordinating the non-governmental organizations and volunteers working at HUEH. Its EMCD program has been successfully implemented in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia and Iraq.
View the International Medical Corps Fact Sheet

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RE: International Medical Corps by The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

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