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Haiti Google resource finder:

Press Conference by Jon Andrus, Deputy Director of Pan American Health Organization, 11/2/2010
Cases of cholera and deaths are continuing to increase in Haiti. The latest figures from the Ministry of Health show more than 4,700 cases and 337 deaths.
* Cap-Haitien ( 19°45′39.32″N. 72°12′11.91″W) Justinia in Cap-Haitien & hospital in Milot near Citadelle are open. Cap-Haitian hospital Justinia, & Hospital in Milot – A group of doctors from Johns Hopkins R there ready to receive patients.
* Cange: PIH Zanmi Lasante Sociomedical Complex outside PaP accepting patients. (Jan19) Update from PIH on situation in Cange: (Need address, phone# or GPS coord) 104-bed full-service hospital. The facility has two operating rooms, adult and pediatric inpatient wards, a laboratory (Source: reports)
* Carrefour, Fontamura, Bizotton, Thor: Hopital Adventiste de Diquini (Jan 22) Route de Diquini Port-au-Prince Haiti 509-3234-2510; 509-3234-4580 (JAN 21) GPS 18°31′51.94″N 72°23′10.62″W (Haitian Adventist Hospital) is treating and receiving patients in and around Carrefour (Fontamara, Bizoton, Thor, etc) Volunteers & Medical Supplies are also needed there. (Jan19) Tents needed at HOPITAL DE DIQUINI!
* Croix Deprez: Outside the damaged Am Red Cross office in Croix Deprez (Need address, phone# or GPS coord) volunteers from Haiti & around the world are working to clean & stitch wounds
* Delmas 19: Medical care under tents continues in front of what was La Trinité trauma hospital (Need address, phone# or GPS coord) MSF is treating patients in Trinité under a tent canvas near damaged hospital, surgery taking place in improvised operation theatre (Updated Jan16 Source: Twitter @MSF_Canada)
* Delmas 33: (Jan19) New Field Hospital PAP Delmas 33 @ secured tennis court- setting up tents & medical supplies (via @alexformerlin ) via @MerlinChiefExec Sent 4,800kg medic equipment. Our teams operating in Delmas 33, Léogâne and Petit-Goâve
* Deschapelles: Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Operational. (Need address, phone# or GPS coord) Dr Michele Barry at the Stanford School of Global Health is directly involved with this hospital located 40 miles NW of Port-Au-Prince (Jan 22) Their website: Their blog for latest information:
* Fermathe: Baptist Haiti Mission Hospital. (Jan 20)Fermathe;Route de Kenscoff; tel: (011) 509-3255-9807;;from their website 82 bed hospital open. (Source: Twitter @BHMHaiti) (Jan19) Type O negative blood is needed at BHM for female patient.
* Grand-Goave: Mission of Hope Clinic - FeedTheChildren is treating patients at its Mission of Hope Clinic (source: Twitter @feedthechildren)
* Jacmel (18°14′14.89″N 72°32′27.52″W ): St. Michel Hospital in Jacmel collapsed. Patients are being treated outside St. Michel Hospital. (Update Jan 28)-Drs w/o borders surgery tent leaving Jacmel soon via @LoriHCG ( Jan20)6.1 mag aftershock struck near Jacmel – no news yet on impact to medical area which was outside St.Michel (Jan19) French medical relief team has just arrived downtown in Jacmel. Within a minute 100 people have gathered for care. About 70 patients are being treated and some need surgery. There are doctors on the scene but they do not have adequate supplies to perform surgery (example: anesthesia) (source: CNN – Soledad O’Brien on scene) (Jan 17) Jacmel Hospital video (Jan17) 2pm RT@melindayiti Gwenn Mangine in Jacmel rpts 800-900 ppl need now. 1operating rm. 1doc who can do surgery. 2boats on way still no clearance 2land plane w/crit med teams- video here: . (Jan15) RT @marvinady: JACMEL,#HAITI – Holes, cracked walls, empty beds at hospital. Pic by Chris L Mitchell.
* Jimani: PAHO/WHO Field Office. PAHO/WHO is establishing a field office in Jimani to serve as a permanent bridge between this border city and to PaP about a 90 minute journey. The office will serve as a staging/transfer point for emergency humanitarian supplies and personnel needed in the Haiti response operation. The same office will be used in the future for logistic purposes to assist the population with transport, the increased influx of trauma patients, fuel for hospitals and equipment. (Source: incident report)
* Leogane: (Jane19) From @MerlinChiefExec Sent 4,800kg medic equipment. Our teams operating in Delmas 33, Léogâne and Petit-Goâve. (Jan 15) Hopital St. Croix in Leogane fell in the earthquake via @missionMANNA. It is presumed by this that this hospital is not open.
* Milot (19° 37′ 0″ N, 72° 13′ 0″ W ): Sacred Heart Hospital Hopital Sacre Coeur is open (Jan20) Update – hospital still has excess capacity for an additional 50-60 patients more a day than they are receiving. They have full staff, surgery, blood lab, x-ray facilities and surgeons including orthopedic (they do not yet have a neurosurgeon)They have room to land 2 helicopters at a time for receiving medevac patients. (Jan18) 7 member trauma/ general surgery team that arrived from the States earlier this afternoon and can accommodate 100 patients now. More assistance arriving Tuesday more details here: (Jan16) Milot Haiti Hospital Status (Source: 1st report: Jan 16 1am ET @carelpedre full-service hospital in Milot, Haiti that is *not* being utilized!! Hopital Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Hospital) Carol Fipp. 2nd report on Milot Hospital )
* Petit-Goave: (Jan20) From @InternetHaiti @heritagekonpa We’d like thank Jean/RadioCanada 4 his help Petit Goave has now 4American docs,but there no gas 2 operate generator (Jan19) @MerlinChiefExec Sent 4,800kg medic equipment. Our teams operating in Delmas 33, Léogâne and Petit-Goâve
* Tabarre: St. Damien Children’s Hospital Chateaublond (18deg 34’15″ N 72deg 15’9″ W) treating patients outside the hospital. (Jan18) NEW Italian field hospital with doctors and surgeon for adults as well.
* (Jan 22) Cazale – north of PAP, turn right immediately after the bridge as you go into Cabaret, takes about 20 min from Rt Ntl #1,, 3782-7316,


* (Jan 20) Free clinic in PaupP 122 Route des Dalles, between 8 am and 4 pm per @msgorecki
* Cite Soleil District: MSF facility at Choscal hospital in the Cite Soleil district is open. (Jan 22) approx
18°34′39.28″N 72°20′10.41″W (Jan16) As of January 16, more than 2,000 patients have been treated so far at MSF locations, and patients are pouring in. MSF teams are doing their best in terms of administering first aid, but surgery needs are huge. Major impediment have to do with blockages at the airport, challenges to moving people and freight quickly, and damage to pre-existing facilities.
* Delmas: Hopital Espoir (Hope Hospital) is open It is off 75 Delmas Hope Hospital has operating rooms.
* General Hospital: (Jan19) MSF recently began working in Port-au-Prince’s General Hospital, where staff found a working dialysis machine and immediately began putting it to use. MSF’s nephrology team carried out its first treatment on Monday and will expand their work when new dialysis machines arrive by road from the Dominican Republic. After numerous delays, the construction of an inflatable hospital has finally begun as well; when complete, it will have room for 100 beds and will house two operating theatres.
* Israel IDF field Hospital: (UPDATE Jan 28) IDF field hospital CLOSED (Jan 20) location of IDF field hospital in Port Au Prince: per @shariatmadari. Set up in an industrial park, and staffed with 40 doctors, 40 nurses and medics, the hospital has been constantly treating patients since Saturday. With two operating rooms, a neonatal intensive care unit and X-ray machines
* U.N. compound near Port-au-Prince’s airport Dr. Jennifer Furin tending to about 300 patients at a makeshift hospital at a U.N. compound near Port-au-Prince’s airport
* L’Hopital de la Paix in Port-au-Prince is still standing. Victims and dead can be taken there.
* Martissant: (Jan20) MSF is currently operating in a host of locations in and around the capital. More than 1,500 patients have received treatment at an MSF hospital in Martissant, to name just one, and 120 of them are receiving inpatient care.
* National Public Health Laboratory Temporary Field Hospital
* Petion-Ville: (Jan17) MultiPharma Drugstore is open from now to 1:30 pm, 35 Rue Lamarre Petion-Ville. (Source: Twitter @Carelpedre )
* Petion-Ville: (Jan20) Clinique Degand. Address: rue Lambert , P.V. , Port-au-Prince. #HAITI. Phone: 257 -3646 / 4711 (source: Twitter @Hopefull1980) (Jan17) Haitian Red Cross team working out of garage beneath Mayor’s office providing vital first aid. ( )
* Petion-Ville: (Jan16) Hotel Villa Creole, Pétion-Ville (Jan16) now make-shift Hospital Port au Prince: at Villa Creole Mike Stewart from Hope for Haiti has set up an intake trauma ward. 4 nurses and 4 doctors set to join him today. (Source: @hopehaitiFL @leecohen)
* Multiple Cities Update: (Jan17)Health services are being provided in the towns of Jimaní, Barahona, Azua, Neiba, San Juan de la Maguana, Elias Piña and las Matas de Farfan.$File/full_report.pdf


* (Jan 19) The GoH (Govt of Haiti) Ministry of Health (MoH) has created a National Health Commission to coordinate the local and international response, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). PAHO reports that the MoH has defined three levels of health care: mobile health clinics, fixed health centers for individuals with minor health problems, and hospitals with surgical capacities. The U.N. health cluster is working to support these GoH priorities, including by coordinating the arrival and deployment of field hospitals. At present, multiple field hospitals are operating in Haiti, and additional hospitals are en route. Members of the health cluster are assessing the capacity of existing hospitals to identify priorities and needs
* (Jan 18) Haitian Ministry of Health has designated sites for field hospitals: 1) Park Saint Therese in Petionville; 2) Stadium Guillome, near the Port-au-Prince cemetery; 3) Sport Stadium of Carrefour (Stad sportif de Carrefour; 4) Centre Dadadou (Delmas 3); Croix de Bouques. See PDF from map
* (Jan17) List of Hospitals as provided by Haiti Medical (Unverified) Please note this webpage shows Jacmel St. Michel as still standing. The photo in header above is St. Michel in Jacmel. See more details below under ‘Jacmel’. I would not rely entirely on this list as reliable source yet of hospitals that are truly still standing. Consider it a source of possible hospitals.

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(our tiny url is


* (Jan19)Tents needed at HOPITAL DE DIQUINI!
* BHM Haiti Hospital: (Jan19) O Negative blood is needed for female patient. Request has been entered in (Jan17) This from the website. Can anyone help connect the Baptist Mission Hospital with any of the hospitals listed below? They are willing to share resources . Our missionaries and relief partners on the field in Haiti are seeking to share doctors and resources with other hospitals in Haiti. Communication on the field is difficult, as you can imagine. If you have contacts at the following hospitals, please let us know by emailing Community Hospital, Lumeire – Les Cayes, King’s Hospital – Delmas, Doctor’s without Borders, We have already contacted the Double Harvest Hospital and are working with them. Thank you for your help!, source: Craig Pohl – Mission to the World ( in Ecuador.

Translating Medical Words English to Creole: MedicalCreole[1] Jan 18 If you’re a med professional w/ signif. surgical/trauma training & experience, contact our partner @PIH_org. (source: Twitter @directrelief)

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