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The Academy of Dentistry International has a legacy, indeed a goal, of providing continuing dental education often coupled with direct care special projects to the developing and emerging nations of the world. Special dental care projects within ones own country are also encouraged. At times, grants are provided by the Academy to "start-up" research and related studies in the provision and efficacy of the care to be provided.

The Academy's leaders have often called for a national and international "clearing agency" to identify and potentially coordinate the efforts of the many different individuals, groups, and organizations that, on a rather informal and unscheduled manner, provide "volunteer dental services".

Such a registry, if currently in operation could, perhaps, provide the contact person or liaison that would list the dentists and accompanying health care providers who donate their services in these humanitarian and often educational programs.

Organizations with international programs as Health Volunteers Overseas (of which the Academy is an associate member), Rotary International, C.O.A.D. (San Diego), Religious communities etc. provide opportunities for volunteerism. However the Academy is aware of many other instances that continually provide the greater numbers of dentists who "volunteer" for programs away from their native land but receive little if any recognition for their contribution to the "betterment of the human condition".

Please furnish the Academy's Central Office the names of these "volunteer dentists", a brief history or chronicle of their efforts/program and photos if available. It is proposed that an appropriate venue be selected to so recognize there dentists and their program(s) with Certificates and publication in the International Communicator. Through this ADI newsletter distributed to the membership in over 87 countries and other reference sources, other dentists will find avenues to volunteer. After all to give back to the dental profession is one of the tenants of the Academy of Dentistry International!

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