The Orphanage outreach program in the Dominican Republic

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We would like to thank our participants in the MIBD Symposium for their generous donations. It did put us over the top and helped us achieve our travel goal.

Part of the purpose of this trip is to set up a system that will help circumvent future problems. Most of these missions are focused on slapping in amalgam and extracting teeth, despite the 21 year old ART technology developed by GC. Where the real need falls if a group brings traditional dentistry to the patients is twenty years later when those teeth need to be extracted. What can be done is what we have accomplished her is South Texas. Stop the cycle before it ever begins by treating the kids

What our goal will be is to apply our extremely effective MID early diagnosis and early intervention technology through our professional staff. We will be cleaning out pits, fissures, and grooves with AA, then placing GIC every where we can get it to stick (the Nels Ewoldsen application procedure). We’ve already informed the director of the orphanage that we will be seeing kids through mid teens.

The problem will be that there will be desperate people who need extractions, and we don’t have a team member who can focus on that very real need, which can potentially cause problems for us if people hear that we are in the area and show up hoping to get a tooth extracted.

We need a person with extraction skills to accompany us on this mission. If you can help or know anyone who can, please contact Trish or Cathy immediately. We have just enough time to get a reasonable air fare ticketed.

The dates are Saturday, Feb 25 through Saturday, March 5.

Please respond ASAP.



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