Global Oral Health Planning Workshop

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Aims of the Workshop
1. To raise awareness, enthusiasm, responsibility and support for oral health
development among identified aid organisations and other stakeholders.
2. To facilitate networking, information exchange and development of
mutual trust.
3. To introduce the concept of the Basic Package of Oral Care; explore
variations addressing local cultural and economic situations and to get
reactions to the concept.
Objectives of the Workshop
1. To introduce participants to the dimensions of poverty, the real health needs
of poor communities and the importance of affordability and sustainability
of basic oral care.
2. To exchange updated information about current approaches to oral health
promotion and to introduce the concept of the Basic Package of Oral Care.
3. To exchange practical experiences on project planning and evaluation.
4. To develop and agree to a declaration on World Dental Development
based on the key issues of the Planning Workshop.
5. To explore the way forward in relations between all stakeholders in oral
health and the FDI and to create a dynamic network of partners.

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