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DVI fills an essential need. It is the largest free dental clinic in all of Israel, offering state-of-the-art treatment. Dental care is not covered by any medical or dental insurance in Israel, nor do Israeli schools provide any preventive care programs. Consequently, many young children are suffering from extensive tooth decay, especially among the lower socioeconomic populations. Those underprivileged children would not have any dental treatment, even not in an emergency, if not for DVI. Those children living below the poverty line have problems with their teeth due to poor diet, lack of oral hygiene habits or parents who are unable to provide regular dental treatment or are unaware of the importance of such treatment and prevention. Most of these children suffer from profound dental disease – they can’t eat or sleep properly, can’t pay attention in school because they’re suffering from chronic infections and the resulting constant pain that could have been prevented and easily relieved through prevention.

A few drawings about dental health done by our young patients

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Volunteers from around the globe help Jerusalem's needy children at DVI clinic
Helping Hands by David Glassman

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