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Volunteering for Mercy Ships will not only change the lives of those you serve, it will change you. There are many ways to support Mercy Ships in our global medical mission to help the poor. It takes all kinds, with all skills. There is a need for both medical and non-medical volunteers.

When you think of Mercy Ships, imagine what it would take to run a small city. There are volunteer positions in a variety of areas including: housekeeping, galley, deck crew, doctors and nurses and everything in between. Our volunteer opportunities are both long and short-term onboard the Africa Mercy.

* Short-term crew can volunteer from two weeks to two years depending on the position and typically fill service roles or very specialized medical or technical positions.
* Long-term crew make an initial commitment of two years and typically fill positions that require more continuity and training.

All of Mercy Ships volunteers are required to provide/raise their own funds to cover crew fees, insurance, and transportation to and from the service location.


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