Monkey Jungle of Dominicana

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Located 20 minutes from the international airport in Puerto Plata,
Dominican Republic, Monkey Jungle is home to 15 squirell and 6 capuchin
monkeys. Their home is a 2 acre tropical jungle with waterfalls and
caves. Opening in Fall 2010, visitors will pay admission to feed and
interact with the monkeys.

ALL proceeds from Monkey Jungle go to support the on site medical
clinic for the poor. US physicians and medical professionals volunteer to
staff the medical center and a Haitian or Dominican doctor sees patients
when no volunteer is present. In addition to the main building, four new
apartments are provided for guests. The medical center serves 1,000
poor Dominicans and Hatians desperate for medical care. Patients pay $.
23 cents for an office visit and the available medicines, crutches, vitamins
and other medical supplies are free.

Our investment to date in this project: $150,000
Source: Our private funds

Mango Fresco Farm
Approximately 250 acres of mountains and farmland, including the site
of Monkey Jungle, this is a working farm, employing and training
numerous Dominican men and women desperate and willing to work.
With an antiquated rarely functioning aqueduct system as the only water
source within 10 miles, we have focused on providing free water to
neighboring farms and homes. Our 600 ft. deep well produces 35
gallons of water per minute and we store 100,000 additional gallons of
water on site.

Our investment to date for improvements to the farm: $75,000
Source: Our private funds

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Mango Fresco Farm

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