Science related to fluoride, dentists' exposure to bacteria presented at IADR

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July 12, 2016

By Michelle Manchir
Seoul, Republic of Korea — New scientific research related to the risk of exposure to Legionella pneumophila for dental practitioners; the role of diet in caries prevention; and the effectiveness of silver diamine fluoride in arresting root caries were among the topics explored at the 94th General Session & Exhibition of the International Association of Dental Research.

ADA Science Institute researchers Cameron Estrich and Ruth Lipman, Ph.D., presented original research, "Risk of Exposure to Legionella pneumophila for Dental Practitioners," which found that practicing dentistry did not itself increase individual risk of Legionella exposure. Rather, they found that geographical location is the primary risk factor for exposure to the bacteria.

Ms. Estrich and Dr. Lipman also found that participants in the ADA Health Screening Program reported low utilization of barrier protection methods and dental unit water line infection control practices, suggesting a need for ongoing education to promote awareness and compliance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention infection control standard precautions.

For more information on this research, which was funded in part by the ADA Foundation, email Dr. Lipman, director of the ADA Center for Scientific Information, at

Silver diamine fluoride in arresting root caries

A University of Hong Kong researcher presented results from an ongoing clinical trial, "Effectiveness of Silver Diamine Fluoride in Arresting Root Caries in Different Fluoridated Areas." Dr. Edward Lo, Ph.D., compared the effectiveness of annual applications of silver diamine fluoride solution on arresting root caries in community-dwelling elders living in water-fluoridated (Hong Kong) and non-fluoridated areas (Guangzhou) in China.

Researchers concluded that the annual application of 38 percent silver diamine fluoride can arrest root caries in community-dwelling elders and that background water fluoride level did not significantly influence the impact of silver diamine fluoride.

To see the abstract on this research, click here.

Keynote address looks at the role of diet in caries prevention

Dr. Angus Walls, Ph.D., director of the Edinburgh Dental Institute in Scotland and vice president of the International Association of Dental Research, gave a keynote address titled "What is the Role of Diet in Caries Prevention?"

Research results determined that fluorides work and are effective at preventing caries, though the use of fluorides alone cannot prevent caries in the presence of a high sugars diet, particularly in people with impaired salivary defense because of xerostomia, according to Dr. Walls.

To see the abstract for this presentation, go to the IADR website.

For more information about the IADR meetings, visit

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