CAMBRA: Best Practices in Dental Caries Management A Peer-Reviewed Publication

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The current approach to dental caries focuses on modifyingand correcting factors to favor oral health. Caries manage-ment by risk assessment (CAMBRA) is an evidence-based approach to preventing or treating dental caries at theearliest stages. Caries protective factors are biologic or
therapeutic measures that can be used to prevent or arrestthe pathologic challenges posed by the caries risk factors.
Best practices dictate that once the clinician has identifiedthe patient’s caries risk (low, moderate, high or extreme), atherapeutic and/or preventive plan should be implemented. Motivating patients to adhere to recommendations from their dental professionals is also an important aspect
in achieving successful outcomes in caries management.
Along with fluoride, new products are available to assist clinicians with noninvasive management strategies.

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