MV YWAM PNG to Papua New Guinea for the first time

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Last year we were at a gathering in Papua New Guinea where we had the
opportunity to share about the ship. At the time we were still
fundraising for it. We described its size, its capabilities, and its
catamaran design. As we continued to share, we began to see eyes light up
all over the room.

“What’s going on?” we thought.

A woman came forward and began to share their story. They described our
ship as a double hulled canoe; a big aluminium 'lagatoi' - which you’ll
see in the above photo is a pretty accurate description! She went on to
explain the history of the lagatoi in her province; many years ago
Central Province had a bad drought leaving no food and water in the
entire province. The men in the village would travel to the Gulf Province
in large lagatois to trade wares for food and water for their families.
They would be gone for many days, and the women and children would line
up on the hill looking out for the lagatois to return. When they got a
glimpse of the lagatois on the horizon, it was a time of great
celebration; the men had returned! There was food and water! The lagatois
represented hope in a time of great despair.

This month we sent off our lagatoi full of volunteers and medical
supplies for its maiden voyage to PNG. We have been thinking about the
hope that it too represents, but the lagatoi would be nothing without the
people on it, the support behind it, and the faith God gives us.

We want to express our sincere gratitude for helping to make our first
voyage possible. We look ahead with great joy and expectation as our
lagatoi makes its way over the horizon to the people that need it most;
answering years of praying and hoping.

We look forward to sharing the stories with you!

God bless,

Robyn & Ken

Prime Minister Commissions MV YWAM PNG

After many years of dreaming and hard work, this month the MV YWAM PNG
entered Papua New Guinea (PNG)’s waters for the very first time!

The arrival was celebrated by 150 corporates, church leaders, and
government officials at a national commissioning event aboard the vessel
in Port Moresby.

The guest of honour for the night was the Prime Minister of PNG,
Honourable Peter O’Neill, who officially commissioned the vessel by
cutting a ribbon across the recently renovated dentistry clinic.

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Puma Energy donates 1.2 million litres of fuel

Puma Energy, Papua New Guinea (PNG)’s major fuel supplier, announced
they will be providing YWAM Medical Ships - Australia (YWAM MSA)’s
total fuel requirements for the next two years – a total of 1.2 million
litres of fuel!

The contract represents a continuation of the agreement held by YWAM MSA
and InterOil prior to Puma Energy's acquisition of the downstream and
refining business in July 2014.

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The Impossible campaign
Port of Townsville Provides Life Jackets for the YWAM Medical Ship!

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