Voodoo still plays a significant role in Haiti.

#1 von Han Sano , 06.08.2010 11:27

Great fear of spirits walking the city thanks to all the bodies still buried in the earthquake wreckage since January.

Delivering moms won't go out at night because of the spirits, so they deliver on the dirt floors at home.

Today we worked with a nascent women's center. Delivered some ozone oil to treat an outbreak of scabies.

Managed to get serenaded by a band including a slide didgeridoo.

Managed to get my equipment bag delivered. Only took around three hours in horrendous traffic into the sweltering airport. Again. El would not like this heat. Neither did the car. Died going up the hill. Fortunately, our other driver Nixon came and bailed us out, but not before we found a great cold beer and some island dirty rice at Jo Ann's place.

The morning was spent at a school in Cite Soleil, which happily bears the moniker of the most dangerous city on the planet. Whoopee. Great kids, but a microscopic drop in a very large bucket.

Now back to my tent.

bill domb

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