Help Haiti's oral health

 von Andy , 21.05.2011 14:01

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The American Dental Association (ADA) is appealing for support to raise $350,000 to rebuild the 35 dental offices destroyed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, by the earthquake in January 2010.

The ADA is asking international dental organisations, the dental industry and dental specialty organisations to become part of the initiative to rebuild the oral health infrastructure of a country in dire need. It is one year since the earthquake struck Haiti and the country is still in crisis, dealing with an outbreak of cholera and enduring a period of political strife.

It is estimated that $10,000 will help rebuild each practice, so the ADA is asking the global dental industry to consider 'adopting a practice' or meeting the ADA halfway with a contribution of $5,000 – although an individual donation of as little as $3 would be appreciated.

Donations will be managed and distributed by Health Volunteers Overseas, a US non-profit organisation, with the ADA's assurance that donations will not go astray.

'We have an opportunity to positively influence oral health in Haiti for generations to come and I hope you will join us,' said Dr Raymond Gist, President of the ADA.

For more information visit the International Activities page at http://www.ada.org/international.

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