Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders


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I. To inaugurate the concepts of the Alliance, plans have begun to:

a) recruit additional dental school members;

b) invit e dentists and dental organizations in area of unrest or conflict or health crises to join the Alliance, and

c) organiz e regional workshops to train ambassadors from dental schools and organizations to engage in dialogue on how to create an environment wher e tolerance and understanding of differences among members can be understood and respected , as well as to develop joint oral health educational and intervention projects to promote peace and understanding through oral health programs.

II. Following th e regional meetings, a conference of all members will be organized in 2014 to follow up on the regional workshops and bring the full membership together, as well as launch cross - regional oral health programs . The goal of the regional and full Alliance meet ings will be to prepare leaders to work for health and peace through oral health initiatives , within their own countries and across borders. In the 2014 meeting , i nvitees will include oral health professionals from Bangladesh, Demcratic Republic of Congo , India, Indonesia, Iraq (Kurds, Shia, and Sunni), Israel (Israelis and Palestinians), Ivory Coast , North and South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Rwanda, Burundi, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and other areas that have ex perienced hostility and strife.

Listening and reflection are the building blocks for understanding and respect of other humans. Sharing of human experiences builds bonds and connects people from diverse communities under shared human values. For dialogue to be successful, participants require skills to manage peer pressure, and to understand different cultures where understanding and recognition of others who disagree may not be welcomed.

Leadership skill s are important for the results of dialogue to take root and spread beyond those d irectly involved. At the Alliance conference , t hese two pathways – dialogue and leadership – will converge . Opportunities for training in leadership and negotiation skills will be provided and embedded in the context of discussions about oral health issue s and their solutions. Leadership skills development will focus on positive engagement through communication, advocacy, and setting high ethical standards , and aspirations for peace. Participants will work together on oral health and health promotio n projects that will take place during and after the conference . Projects will be developed by the participants to set the stage for future meetings where members of the Alliance will share experiences in achieving goals of promoting health and peace in their communities, and will continue to refine their skills in dialogue and leadership.

II I .

The Alliance is beginning plans for a Young Ambassadors program under which o ral health students and newly graduated professionals can serve as “ Young Ambassadors ” , extending the reach of the Alliance to greater numbers in the pursuit of peace. Focusing on the creation of career pathways in the oral health domain, young professionals can be the conduit for harmonious relationships as they grow, become e ducated , and mature into understanding, compassionate, caring oral health professionals, pursuing careers in education, research, clinical service delivery, and in other entrepreneurial or administrative roles.

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