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It’s a simple mission, really…

von carlos , 28.12.2013 22:46

How we started

A normal woman, the daughter of a carpenter, travelled to Haiti on a simple mission to help build a church building. Never would she have thought that God had bigger plans in mind to show her during this trip!

While at the Port-au-Prince airport, on a spur-of-the-moment side trip handing out religious tracts with Leo, a fellow missionary, and Colleen, Barbara met Cindy Hurston – future dream team member – who happened to be flying out of Haiti.

Cindy had a problem. She had taken on the care of a set of badly malnourished twins – who were being treated in what passes for a “hospital” in this difficult land – who were literally going to die if someone wasn’t able to pick up when she left and oversee their care. The only other person that could take care of the children was an elderly grandmother, who was unable to care for them any longer.

Cindy looked in Barbara’s eyes and asked if she could find an adoptive family that could take on these tiny angels. This was when she first met Baby Ruth. Baby Ruth was special. Everyone knew it. Baby Ruth was more than just a baby; she was a striking little child with amazing blue eyes. This little darling had something about her that everyone saw but no one could quite explain. Barbara was amazed by people stopping in the streets just to stare, just wanting to touch God’s little Baby Ruth. All knew, including Barbara, that this wasn’t just an ordinary little girl. Surely God had a special plan in mind for her.

Since that day over twenty years ago Barbara has been jumping hurdles and following the lead of our Divine Creator. She makes nothing off of the adoptions. The fees only cover a portion of the expenses that these adoptions require, and donations from kind individuals like you make the difference.

Barbara is a very caring and grounded woman who is not afraid to demonstrate “tough love” when it comes to saving a soul.

When she takes a child in her arms and says “I’m gonna get you a Mommy and Daddy!” you can rest assured with the glory and grace of the Lord that her word is bond!


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