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Kim Cooper Onboard the YWAM Medical Ship

von carlos , 08.08.2012 22:22

Kim Cooper Onboard the YWAM Medical Ship
Posted by erin - July 25, 2012 - News

Former Australian Idol finalist, Kim Cooper, has jumped onboard the YWAM Medical Ship (MSA) for a one weeks tour of PNG’s capital city, Port Moresby. “I am so excited to see first hand the amazing work that YWAM Medical Ships Australia (MSA) are providing to the remote villages of PNG”, Kim said in anticipation of her trip. With a clearly expressed attitude of “I will do whatever I am asked, and look forward to getting my hands dirty”, YWAM plan to give Kim a 7 day showcase of life on the ship, and a taste of all sections of care they are providing during the week, having her dabble in dentistry, optometry, education in schools and Primary Health Care (PHC).

During Kim’s stay, she will be not only be involved in the different clinics, but will also be performing at a breakfast for some of YWAM MSA’s largest financial supporters and PNG’s influential media and leaders, as well as attending luncheons along side some of Townsville’s local ministers, business people and government representatives.

It will be a week of firsts for the singer, from living on a small ship with 50 other people, which currently includes 14 different nations, to lending a hand in the environment of a medical clinic in a developing country. But both the 24 year old, and the YWAM MSA team are thrilled about the partnership.

To keep up to date with Kim’s adventures, log onto the Bulletin website and follow the links to her official Blog, as she will be daily updating her thoughts and experiences as she journeys through this once in a lifetime trip.

Links to Kim’s Blog:

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Kim’s Experience in Primary Health Care is More Than She Expected:


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