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Primary Health Care Program (PHC) and dental program

von carlos , 31.05.2011 23:10

One of our Medical Coordinators will oversee each medical team and arrange for supplies and equipment.

Primary Health Care Program (PHC)
Calling all GP’s, nurses, nursing assistants, physiotherapists, midwives and primary health care workers. If you’re looking for an opportunity to help in a developing nation, then come and join us in Papua New Guinea. The PHC program runs every outreach and has an emphasis in health education, malaria treatment and prevention, and maternal health. Basic wound care and general health are constant needs and even if you have no experience in this sort of area, you’d be surprised at the extraordinary difference you can make in peoples’ lives.
The primary health care team requires a doctor/physician and at least two Registered Nurses.
Dental Program
Dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and specialists are welcome to join the dentistry program. With only 32 dentists in the entire nation, oral care is a huge need in Papua New Guinea. Check out our Ship Tour Schedule to find out what dates the Dentistry Program is running.
This team requires one or two dentists and one dental assistant per dentist.
Optometry Program
There is so much joy in simply handing a pair of spectacles to someone who otherwise would have very low vision. Optometrists and assistants are needed to help prescribe appropriate spectacles to help make dreams come true! Check the Ship Tour Schedule to find out what dates the Optometry Program is running.
At least one optometrist is required for this team.
Ophthalmology Program
Ophthalmology is a critical component in restoring sight in PNG. We’re looking for ophthalmologists and ophthalmological nurses who can assist in our onboard operating theatre helping to give back sight through cataract surgeries. Check out our Ship Tour Schedule to find out what dates the Ophthalmology Program is running.
An ophthalmologist and at least three registered nurses are required for this team.


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