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B2A: Why Dental? Why primary dental health care?

von Andy , 21.05.2011 14:00

B2A Dental
Why Dental?

In the UK: 1 dentist to every 2,100 people.

In Tanzania: 1 dentist to every 300,000 people!

Bridge2Aid are working at grass roots level in the heart of Mwanza, a city in the north of Tanzania, providing effective dental care and treatment to all the local communities.

Working alongside the Tanzanian government, we are addressing the urgent issues of:

Lack of treatment in rural areas
Most trained personnel are in cities but up to 90% of the population live in rural areas.

Providing education
Many get seriously ill or even die after attempting to extract teeth themselves.

Equal access for all
Hope Dental Centre, set up and run by B2A, serves all members of the local community regardless of race or wealth.
Hope Dental Centre

Hope Dental Centre is our fully equipped clinic in the busy centre of Mwanza, Tanzania.

It operates on a unique self-funding basis. The centre provides a wide range of high quality dental services with affordable prices, meeting the oral health needs of all members of the Mwanza community.

Visit the clinic's own website: www.hopedentalcentre.com

The two dental surgeons work for an agreed, capped salary. All the costs of running the centre, including the dentists' capped salaries, are met from the fees charged.

All profits made from providing these services are used for the charitable purposes of Bridge2Aid Tanzania.

We aim to make a big difference to the lives of the people of Mwanza; a little goes a long way. For example, just £5 will pay for emergency dental care, treatment and medicine for a member of the street community. Will you help us to help others?

Please give whatever you can; click here, or on the image on the left, to make a fast, easy, secure donation to Bridge2Aid.


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