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Dental Mavericks

von carlos , 20.10.2019 22:31

Dental Mavericks (DM) is a charitable dental relief organisation registered in the United Kingdom with ongoing operations in Morocco and Lebanon, supporting vulnerable communities. Since 2010, the central mandate of Dental Mavericks has focused on promoting oral hygiene education and practice, and more broadly, making dental care accessible to vulnerable populations. Our priority is to address root causes and take people out of dental pain. Dental Mavericks also participates in cutting-edge medical research in collaboration with leading dental institutions. In all areas of Dental Mavericks activities, we champion an ethos of high-quality care that is patient-led and dignified.

Our core programmes form the basis for this mission:

Volunteer programme
Outreach programme
DM Clinics programme

As of April 2019, we have reached approximately 59,000 beneficiaries in 93 locations through 61 successful outreach projects with the support of 698 volunteers. This is all achieved on a shoe-string budget with the help of volunteer professionals and a carefully nurtured network of dental supplies donors that enables us to provide care to a high standard.


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