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First FDI-Unilever partnership Phase III workshop

von Anacoana , 20.12.2014 22:11

The first workshop of Phase III of the FDI-Unilever partnership took place in Istanbul from 8 to 9 December. It followed a preparatory web conference on 23 November.

The partnership Phase II terminated at the end of 2013 with much acclaim for its outreach, participation and initial results. Phase III has re-focused its activities around school children, using the ‘Brush Day and Night’ campaign. Two new experts, Prof. Jo Frencken and Prof. Paulo Melo, were nominated to follow up and support project implementation. Eight countries were able to send project leaders: Chile, Greece, Indonesia, Morocco, Nigeria, the Philippines, Turkey and Vietnam.

We will be reporting more fully on progress in the FDI-Unilever partnership Phase III in the coming months


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