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The 2014 Symposium – Volunteer: The World Outside your Office

von carlos , 17.08.2014 13:15

The 2014 Symposium – Volunteer: The World Outside your Office
will take place on October 8 in San Antonio from 8am-5pm. Breakfast & lunch will be served. Attendees can register today for the symposium by selecting course #4102. Course is limited to 50 participants. Drs. Kevin Hardwick, Chris Holmgren and Bella Monse will teach participants to recognize diverse and specific global oral health concerns, understand the importance of appropri­ateness and sustainability in volunteer programs and understand how successful primary health care programs use scientifically based public health principles. New dentists and students receive a 20% discount on the course fee. The symposium is underwritten by a grant from the Academy of Dentistry International and presented by the ADA Division of Global Affairs through the ADA International Development Subcommittee. The 2014 ADA Humanitarian Award recipient, Dr. Raymond Damazo will be a guest speaker. Registration is now open onlinefor ADA 2014 and this course.


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